CRISP offers a variety of catering themes and experiences to help create a superior menu for your occasion.  Whether it is in a field or on a mountain, we will bring the kitchen to you at any Berkshires location.  Our catering packages can be customized to fit your palate and your vision perfectly.

We will work with each client to ensure that we bring your vision to life. Review various menu themes below; other concepts, service styles, and sample menus are available upon request.

Fire & Ice:

Wow your guests and excite any palate with our wood-fired oven and custom raw bar.

Keep things fiery throughout your celebration and enjoy an array of our appetizers, entrées, or specialty pizzas that are perfectly suited for the wood-fired oven, while guests can also cool down and dive into fresh shucked oysters and more at our ice-cold raw bar.

Our raw bar will present the freshest and most delicious oysters available with array of specialty mignonettes, fresh lemons, and signature cocktail sauces.  Fresh clams, shrimp, or lobster claws are also available options as well.

We work with each client to develop the best and most appropriate menu for both components of this package.  An array of items that complement each other will provide something satisfying for every guest.  We will provide a quote that can be calculated once we consider the total guest headcount, wood-fired oven selections, quantities of raw bar items, etc.

New England Clambake or Lobsterbake:

Dive into a full New England experience with an authentic, hearty Lobsterbake or Clambake.  Mounds of fresh clams, lobster, or both are accompanied by bountiful servings of corn on the cobb and potatoes, all boiled together for a classic combination.

What better way to enjoy embrace the Berkshires setting than with a catered outdoor event like this?  Kick off the summer or the fall season the true New England way with a meal that is fun, familiar, and one you are sure to remember.

Raw Bar:

Looking for amazing, fresh seafood for lite fare at your next celebration or event? CRISP proudly offers our very own custom-made, mobile Raw Bar, presenting oysters and/or other shellfish of your choosing.  Select from succulent New England oysters, lobster claws, shrimp, and more, served perfectly chilled on hand-crushed ice to match with signature cocktail sauces and mignonettes.

Pair our Raw Bar with other hors d’oeuvres or allow the seafood to stand alone, highlighting fresh and exceptional flavors.


Celebrate your day with the flavors of barbecue.  Authentic, high-end flavors presented with a rustic feel; the perfect complement to your Berkshires setting.  We offer the option of 2-3 entrees, highlighting smoked and pulled proteins, along with the best fitting sides and salad.  Recommended presentation is on butcher blocks with carving stations.

Pizza / Late Night Pizza:

Who said pizza can’t be perfect for any event?  Our wood fired oven allows us to create amazing specialty pizzas with an authentic flavor, directly on site.  Select from 3-4 unique pizzas made with fresh, local, and high-end ingredients.  Simple yet sure to please, these specialty pizzas pair perfectly with your choice of 1-2 salad options, leaving every guest satisfied.


Think your guests may be ready for another round of food at the end of the night? Our Late Night Pizza Package is a perfect fit if you are looking for a relaxed, fun way to offer everyone something to eat as your celebration continues. A budget can be set to include pizzas for guests, or simply allow for each person to buy their own personal pie.

Sophisticated Buffet:

Keep things simple yet refined with our buffet style catering.  Select your choice of entrees and sides (see some of our Sample Menus), and allow us to create a beautiful meal with a rustic setting.  Carving stations offered for the appropriate menu items, large butcher blocks for serving, baskets of warmed rolls with specialty butters; just select your ideal menu and we will create your vision.

Buffet Package can pair well with Late Night Pizza Package to keep guests full and fueled throughout the night.

Private Chef:

Celebrate a meal amongst a small gathering of family or friends and indulge in the experience of your own Private Chef.  CRISP Catering will travel to you and create a delicious and memorable meal of your choosing; breakfast, lunch, dinner, or simple hors d’oeuvres are prepared on site for you and your guests to enjoy outside in your Berkshires setting, at your home, or in any other space of your choosing.  All menus are custom-created to ensure that we have matched your tastes and expectations.