CRISP on Campus

June 8th, 2017 began a three day stretch of awesome, delicious, and successful events throughout the Williams College campus.

Thursday, June 8th was a very special event for CRISP, as we were fortunate enough to create delicate and elegant hors d’oeuvres while also pouring sparkling wine for the many guests attending Darra Goldstein’s retirement party.  Darra is a highly acclaimed and respected cook in her own right, with many other impressive accomplishments to be recognized throughout her career at Williams as a professor.  To be able to cater and serve such a wonderful person as well as all of her friends, family, and colleagues was an honor.  Oh, and take a look at the STUNNING cake (the beautiful work of an outside artist)!

Friday, June 9th was our first of two Williams Alumni Reunions on campus.  We served nearly 200 guests Friday evening from the Class of ’02, presenting all guests with a fully loaded taco buffet with meat and vegetarian options, salad, Mexican street corn, and any taco toppings you could imagine.

Saturday, June 10th wrapped up our three day event as we were fortunate enough to serve dinner to the Class of ’62.  With a beautiful, open room in the ’62 Center, guests gathered to enjoy thyme and fennel roast chicken, maple & bourban glazed salmon, roast asparagus, wild mushroom risotto, and amazing berry tarts for dessert.  Everyone raved about their meals and left with a smile; we were so happy to have a spread that everyone enjoyed.

Events like these are ones that we truly love. We enjoy the opportunities to create new menus, plan for new events, and appeal to a wide variety of audiences and people.  Each event was a true success, and we know that CRISP would not be what it has become without the hard work and dedication of each of our team members and all catering staff.  Looking forward to what’s to come!