Unique & Comprehensive Food Services

We believe in creating a complete, delicious, and memorable dining experience for every occasion.  We customize your menu to highlight seasonal, unique food & drink, while providing all necessary staff & details to ensure a seamless and exceptional event.  Our services are geared most specifically towards weddings, working with each of our couples to develop menu items that truly represent personal tastes while also being those that compliment your vision and setting.

Farm-to-Table Service Styles

pair with our spirits

Through collaboration with our clients, we develop the service style that best fits the overall vision and dining experience for each tailored event.  This goes hand-in-hand with our day-of setup as we determine which outdoor equipment is most desired and best suited for our menu preparations.

Buffet | rustic & abundant offerings presented across farm tables, served to guests as they approach

Family Style | entrée options presented on each table (across centered wooden boards or in vessels), to be passed & shared by guests for a more interactive & intimate experience

Plated | traditional table service, individual courses. plated salad to begin your meal is recommended for all service styles as an added touch to welcome guests to their seats.