Mobile Wood Fire Oven

Our custom mobile wood fire oven travels throughout the Berkshires and beyond to provide our clients with a dazzling show and delicious, wood-fired items.

Our specialty Neapolitan-style pizzas cook perfectly with the unique taste and fire-kissed crust everyone knows and loves.  Whether it be solely a customized pizza-focused event or a more extensive menu where our oven is still utilized to its full capacity, we operate this amazing tool for its ability to offer various techniques.  It’s not just a showpiece for your guests (though that is a special bonus!); we transform produce and proteins by creating beautifully enhanced flavors as the oven allows us to roast, bake, char, and more.

Contact us for wood fire pizza package pricing options or to generate a more extensive menu proposal.  A common and always enjoyed option for a fun, casual rehearsal dinner and more.

Please note that a $300 oven & wood fee will be included in the quote for any event.


Request our Wood Fire Oven at Your Next Event