Unique & Comprehensive Food Services

We believe in creating a complete, delicious, and memorable dining experience for every occasion.

Unique & Comprehensive Food Services

We believe in creating a complete, delicious, and memorable dining experience for every occasion.

Farm to Table Service Styles

Through collaboration with our clients, we develop the service style that best fits the overall vision and dining experience for each tailored event.  This goes hand-in-hand with our day-of setup as we determine which outdoor equipment is most desired and best suited for our menu preparations.  Each celebration is unique; we believe that your menu style and presentation contributes to that.

Standing Stations Style

Rustic & abundant offerings presented across farm tables, served to guests as they approach

Family Style

Entrée options presented on each table (across centered wooden boards or in vessels), to be passed & shared by guests for a more interactive & intimate experience

Plated Style

Traditional table service, individual courses.

We recommend welcoming your guests to their seats with a plated salad for all service style options.

Connect with us to consider enhancing your event further by substituting in or adding on an option featured below; available & appropriate for any season.

Creative Raw Bar Services

East Coast Oysters

Oysters & Shrimp

Cape Cod Clams & Shrimp

Crab Claws

Maine Lobster

Ceviche Options

Fresh Offerings

Beautiful tiger maple provides the structure for this unique catering accessory, with a large steel basin made to hold plentiful amounts of ice to keep delicious shrimp, clams, oysters, and other seafood perfectly chilled. We provide experienced shuckers to offer oysters on the half shell, crack open crab claws, and serve you and your guests an amazing experience.

Asado Pig Roast

A long-lasting tradition for a reason, this experience is nostalgic for some while new to others.  Whole native pork roasts slowly over an open fire as your event unfolds.  A moment to share stories experience the transformation, and then finally enjoy.   Pigs are individually and locally sourced for each event based on required weight and size.

Mobile Wood Fire Oven

Our custom mobile wood fire oven is a memorable contribution to many events. A notorious tool for our specialty Neapolitan-style pizzas, our oven can be utilized for more extensive menu options as well; we transform produce and proteins by creating beautifully enhanced flavors as the oven allows us to roast, bake, and prepare numerous seasonal ingredients.

Showcase Yourself

Showcase this option during a whimsical rehearsal dinner, cocktail hour, or with a late night snack to nourish guests as they end the evening.

Please Note

That a $300 oven & wood fee will be included in the quote for any event.